You too can play and win your share of at least AUD$14,500,000.00 Million in cash prizes paid out every week in the Australian Lottery.

With only 6 main numbers from 45 to choose from, the Australian Saturday Lotto has the best winning odds of all Pick-6 lottos in the world! Pick the right 6 numbers, and you win the jackpot! Pick 4 or more of the main winning numbers and you're a winner as well!

If the draw does not produce a winner, the jackpot prize is added to the next draw, doubling the estimated 1st division prize pool of AUD$4,000,000.00 into AUD$8,000,000.00.

Ways to Win the Australian Lotto

Prize Categories Matching Numbers 5 Ways to Win! SATURDAY DRAW
1st Division (Jackpot Prize) 6 of 6 JACKPOT!
2nd Division 5 + at least 1 Supplementary 3.8% of prize pool
3rd Division 5 numbers 8.2% of prize pool
4th Division 4 + at least 1 Supplementary 12.4% of prize pool
5th Division 3 + at least 1 Supplementary 20.8% of prize pool
6th Division 1 or 2 + 2 Supplementaries 26.8% of prize pool

Increase your chances of winning:

Lottery can be predicted to an extent

How to use mathematics to win the lottery

Did You Know?

The Italian Superenalotto

— The Australian Saturday Lotto has different names in each state: Tattslotto in the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania; Gold Lotto in Queensland; Saturday Lotto (or simply Lotto) in New South Wales and Western Australia, and X Lotto in South Australia!

— Around 6 times a year, special 'Superdraws' are held with Jackpots as high as AUD$31 Million.

— As the largest lottery game in Australia, the Australian 6-45 Lotto draw has given away more than AUD$6 billion in prizes.

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